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Is specialized on renting a great selection of apartments in Playa de Gandia and surrounding areas.Its sole purpose: customer convenience during your stay.


In Gandia you will find a landscape rich in contrasts, always accompanied by a mild climate that allows you to enjoy throughout the year. No doubt, you will discover the charm of its long and beautiful beaches, north of the city, the rugged mountains and highlands. 




Is a voluntary association, formed by students, which helps to improve personal and social integration of students and teachers attending the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia in the various exchange programs (Mobility, Seneca, FreeMove, Erasmus and Erasmus Practice Masters, Graduate, Leonardo, ...).

ERASMUS GANDIA helps students who need to find location, help with the translation program of courses, information on scholarships,... even try to put them in touch with students from the city since the arrival day.

To this end, during the year ERASMUS GANDIA organize all kinds of recreational activities and cultural tours, cultural excursions, tours, festivals, sports competitions, language program as tandem, support for the Student Mentor, etc ...


If you have any doubt don't hesitate ERASMUS GANDIA Team.

Partnership ERASMUS GANDIA & Agencia Mare Nostrum

With ERASMUS GANDIA and the partner 'Agencia Mare Nostrum' you will have lower rent when you join in the association, for this reason all rents shown here, are ready for new incoming students.


For booking a room or a flat, remember.. First-come, First-Served!!


Europa Logo Solo.png
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