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 Apartment Information



You can choose different apartments depending on how many students you are. All the rooms are available on 'Single mode', so there is only 1 student per bedroom, even if there are 2 beds on each the room (you can use the other bed in case of visitors or hide it in order to get a desk). 


If you come alone and you need flat mates, tell it us and we will find you them. It could be with Spanish students or with other international exchange students!


Just tell us which are the 5 apartments you like them more (in order of preference), and we will book it for you. When we find somebody who also likes the same flat, and you agree to share it, we will book it definitely on your names.




Apartment Facilities

The apartments include in the rent:

  • 22'' or 32'' Plasma TV

  • Microwaves

  • Fridge​

  • Wasching Machine

  • Electric Heaters

  • Bed Linen

  • Hand towels

  • Tablecloth

  • Cutlery and Glassware

  • Cookware

  • Swimming Pool*

  • Private Parking**

  • Furniture***

*     If the building doesn't have it, there is the chance to use the pool from closer building.

**   Some apartments have free parking place included in the rent. Ask in case of need.

*** The furniture could be different from photos. Could be new TVs, kitchens, sofas...etc


Apartment Taxes

The accommodation rent doesn't include water and electricity costs.  

  • Water is 6€ per person per month and you can spend as much as you want. (Except: Europa VII, VIII, IX)

  • Electricity depends on you spend (heaters, vitroceramic hob, oven..) it's around 15-20 euros per person per month (45-60€ per flat), but it always depends on you spend. 

    • Electricity bills come on different dates depending on the accommodation so, every month the agency takes 30€ in advance and at the end of the contract, after watching the bills, if you have paid more than bills show you will get money back, if not, you will have to pay the difference between paid and used.

  • Internet is free in all apartments, so you don't have to pay for it. 

  • If you decide to be less students than rooms in the apartment, the rent will be divided between the students that stay in the flat.

  • Apartments check-in are always from 1st of September (or 1st February in case of second semester). 12:00h a.m.

  • Apartments check-out are on 28th January or 22nd June. Both cases at 10:00h a.m.

  • In case you come before you can have a temporal accommodation in other building meanwhile yours is being ready.

  • We always get accommodation for everybody, even 1 week before arriving! so, please "Tranquilos" we will manage best and soon as possible.

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