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How to book a room or a flat before coming

If you don't have accommodation yet, we can help you. If you and your friends like an acommodation (or you are just one who needs flat mates) and you want to rent it, you should follow these steps:

How to book

1. Do a list with your 5 favourite flats, in order of preference (in case it is already booked and the site is not updated).

2. Send an e-mail to and say which apartments you want to book.

3. We will save the first available accommodation for you.

4. You and your flatmates should fill and send back the inscription of Erasmus Gandia.

5. When we received the Inscription Sheet of Erasmus Gandia you will received a confirmation mail.

*If you don't have the Inscription Sheet you can download it here.


Then.. Your accommodation will be booked!


It is not need to send money for booking your place, we will book it for you.
If you don't have flat mates don't worry we will find for you :)

Arrival Day


You don't have to pay for booking the Apartment, Erasmus Gandia will book it for you.


On your arrival you will have to register and pay at the agency:

- 1 month rent (as first rent).

- 1 month rent (as deposit) this amount will be refund at the end of the contract.

- 30 euros per person for water and electricity bills.

With your Booking you will receive:

- Free Pick-Up Service in Gandia Train Station.

- Available from beginning September or from 1st February (depending on which semester you arrive)

All accommodations are furnished with basic stuff for cooking and living, except small machines like toaster, rice boiler... etc and also bath towels are not included.

Pick-up Service


Once you have book your apartment, Erasmus Gandia will bring you there already with the keys.

Pick-up starts on 1st September (or 1st February) from Monday to Sunday. And between 9.00h to 22.30h.


So try to book you flight according to these dates and hours, if you want to catch enough trains/buses for reaching Gandia.

Save this phone number now for getting the pick-up at Gandia Station +34 619.031.745  (Sergio)

Once you arrive to VALENCIA's Train Station you should call and tell the time of departure of your train, so then Erasmus Gandia will know your arrival time to GANDIA station. 
It takes 1 hour Valencia-Gandia so, Erasmus Gandia will wait for you, at the main door of the train station, at that time. That train costs around 5'35 euros (one way).

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